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income county in the country, fairfax county in virginia, the school i send my kids to in fairfax county gets title one money for disadvantaged kids. the money that is supposed to go to the poor districts now spread all over the country to the richest county, just because that's how congress works. every member of congress wants a share. >> glenn: i tell you, i think we are so screwed up. steven, maybe you can address this a little bit. we built these palaces, educational palaces, if you go to any nice town and the nicest buildings will be the schools. that's not necessary. i got a good education. went to private school. my dad worked at a bakery and had to work it off to go to the school. we never wasted, had to use both sides of the paper. i remember when i went to ninth grade, and it was the first time i had ever been in a public school. it was vegas! >> you grew up in a nice zip code then. where i was, it was okay. where i am now, new york city, public schools are certainly not palted. here is what i say. i'll leave the question whether to give rid of the department of ed to people w
churches. went to new york city, 19 churches and burn ten to the ground. across virginia and new jersey burning churches because they blame the preachers. >> glenn: the difference is that this is a quintessential american concept that is almost lost. we talk about individual rights. god gives us individual rights. no collective salvation. people say it's human rights. that is not the same. >> right. >> glenn: explain the difference. >> it's inalienable rights. those who came to america left europe. europe was collective rights and collective issues. they came to america and they said no, it's individuals you and god. we established a freedom of conscious. not for the group. that's why one dissenting individual quaker can say i'm opposed to war. we say we let you off. opposed to taking an oath. okay, just do affirmation. we allowed the dissenters individually because of conscious, that's one-on-one. same with freedom of religion. you can rack tis religion as a group or individual. all the way through it was individuals. preachers did that. the first constitution we ever have written in
by a virginia molatto father raised wholly on hoe-cake made of coarse-ground southern corn, bacon and hominy with an occasionm change of fricasseed bullfrog. wow! going after his parentage was one thing but accused him of being raised on southern hoe-cake? it didn't end there. in the 1800 campaign, adams' allies wrote about what you should expect if thomas jefferson were elected. they wrote what to expect if jefferson will be expected -- murder, robbery, rape, adultery and increst will be openly taught and practiced, the air will be respect with cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with the blood and the nation black with crimes. wow! first, the jefferson rain and ropry schools were tough to get into, but if you got a scholarship, you were set for life. most people didn't get into the rape and robbery schools. c'mon! he was our third president. now nobody is advocating for these smear campaigns. but the point is maybe bill clinton and those on the left should at least know the history of their country before opening their mouth about what free speech as our founders knew it. the
a miner alive 40 hours of the deadly blast in sago, west virginia. in massachusetts today, lawyers for the three suspects accused of bullying 15-year-old prince in the months before her death entered not guilty plea. glenn beck returns in a moment but first jim angle previews "special report." >> hello. president obama ordered changes in the nuclear policy raising questions and iraqi leader warns the u.s. about pulling out too soon. join me for "special report." now back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: tonight, we are taking on barack obama's impossible challenge of finding some evidence of socialism in his policy. apart from the childhood teenage years and adult hildhood spent with radical, markist and communist and attending marxist church with a marxist pastor, what has he done lately? there is the tiny matter of taking over the auto industry. no big deal. g.m. is just, has been taken over, 61%. then, of course, the nagging detail of the government now controls much of america's banking industry. we have that. then, of course, there is aig insurance. the insurance giant. we too
to lifelock.com. >>> i'm patti ann browne. the new update from west virginia, where four coal miners are missing after an explosion that killed 25. officials say gas levels in the mine are still too dangerous to make a rescue attempt. crews have spent the day banging on pipes, hoping for signs of survival, but they have not gotten a response. a pregnant woman from colorado who calls herself jihad jamie pleaded not guilty today in federal courtroom to terror charges. justice department says she is linked to a pennsylvania woman also facing charges nicknamed jihad jane. in california, the f.b.i. arrested a man for threats to house speaker nancy pelosi over the healthcare bill. glenn beck returns in a moment, but first, chris wallace previews "special report." hi, chris. >> hey. coming up, the president's big changes to policies on nuclear weapons and national security. and talk about a big new tax to cut the deficit. join me at 6:00 p.m. eastern for "special report." now back to glenn beck in new york. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. the boycotts are gathering steam. to date, i belie
safety officials to report to him next week on the cause of the disaster in west virginia. and what actions could present similar tragedies in the future. the biggest nuclear arms pact in years was signed this afternoon by the president and russian president dmitry medvedev. it would cut the number of stra ttegic nuclear warhead by a third. we are learning the middle eastern diplomat that ignited a scare in the skies yesterday with a cigarette was travelling to the u.s. to visit a prison from al-qaeda. glenn beck in a moment, but first chris matthews previews special report. >> coming up, we will preview the big gathering of republicans in new orleans. the conservatives who don't fill out the census hurting themselves? join me at 6:00 eastern for "special report." now back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. you know, my show is focussing on faith, hope and charity. those are the things that will unite us. those are the things we can all come together, i don't care if you are republican, democrat or independent. if you want to restore the country, look under george bush
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)